Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are the fuels humans have been using for centuries. The combustion of these fuels releases carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere, and that carbon was originally stored millions of years ago. Today, nearly 80 percent of manmade CO2 and green-house gas emissions are the result of fossil fuel combustion. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have […]

Hydrogen And Green Energy

Hydrogen is the future of fuel. The government is promoting green hydrogen as the next energy source and is developing infrastructure for it. The costs of green hydrogen are less than fossil fuels. The government is trying to reduce the price difference between green hydrogen and fossil fuels. Bill Gates co-founded a company called Breakthrough […]

Circuit boards Solder Mask

One of the most important factors for the longevity and functionality of your circuit boards is the proper placement of the solder mask. While a proper layout is important, a circuit board without a solder mask will have an increased probability of shorts and poor corrosion protection. Fortunately, this problem can often be avoided by […]

Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains are an essential component of automated machine guarding systems. They control the light curtain’s position in a machine by sending and receiving stop signals. Typically, these devices can be controlled by an external safety PLC or by a safety relay. But sometimes, a malfunction can cause the stop signal to be missed, […]